While some of the images in the Abstracts series had a photographic origin, many were produced using traditional artist's materials, including pen, brush, ink, paint, paper, canvas and cloth. These elemental scraps were then scanned and brought into the computer for further manipulation. Professional graphics programs such as Adobe Systems' Photoshop allowed me to use  tools such as an airbrush eraser, rubber stamps of varying opacity, and an array of color palettes and filters. Some elements, such as the hand in The Healing Hand, were scanned directly into the computer without ever having been photographed.

on a blank anvas. image was registered. Examples of this technique include Ritual Fire Dance and The Last Sunset.

Chemical dyes and ordinary inks produce the color effects on the glass plates or celluloid negatives. The negatives themselves can be scratched or etched with a fine point to produce the designs and outlines. Then the layers of glass and film can be composited to produce the final image. It became a natural extension of this technique for the artist to render the various layers digitally and composite them in a 

The rest, as they say, is history, as in The Cosmic Egg, a fully digital artwork.

1995-2012 by Brian Allan Skinner