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The following essays were written in the months following the stroke I suffered in July of 2014, beginning during my time in the hospital and rehabilitation center in Albany, New York. My recovery continues, and I have been adding more essays to the list below. I consider it part of the healing process to keep track of my thoughts and to post the essays here, where, I hope, they may be of help to others, whether in dealing with their own disabilities or, simply, with day-to-day living.

As I transcribe more of my longhand writing from my notebooks to the computer, I will post them in both New Work and here on this page.

I welcome all comments.


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1. Poor Brother Ass

2. The Triumph of Piddling Persistence

3. Bees Attracted to Vinegar

4. Know ye not that ye are gods?

5. Unpasteurized Milk and Honey

6. Tingling and Numbness

7. Running on Pure Adrenalin

8. Bien con Bien Se Paga

9. Mother Nature’s Son

10. A Stroke of Luck

11. Patience and Determination

12. Selling the Future Short

13. My Friends

14. Skin-to-Skin

15. A Grown Man in a Toddler’s Body

16. Life or Death

17. Dandelions and Daisies

18. The Man Who Owned Everything

19. The Man Who Has Everything

20. The Fledgling

21. Trust

22. Fearlessness

23. The Cardboard Box Syndrome

24. A Blessed Life

25. Tenacious and Adaptive

26. The Queen of Mirth

27. A Prayer and a Poem

28. Thank-yous and Good-byes

29. Labor Day Weekend

30. Dawn or Twilight?


For several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I reviewed titles for Kirkus Reviews. I began as their poetry editor until, in a corporate shakeout emphasizing bottom lines, poetry titles were dropped. Then I became one of their non-fiction editors. My favorite reviews—though not necessarily the author's—are presented in the list below. The year refers to the year the review was published, and the title is the name of the book's author, translator, or editor.

Kirkus is a publication worthy of your consideration, even though they are no longer paying my utility bills.


Kirkus Reviews

1999-KR_Basso 2000-KR_Wright
1999-KR_Richman 2001-KR_Bader
2000-KR_Corman 2001-KR_Cavafy
2000-KR_Darlington 2001-KR_Gill
2000-KR_Davison 2001-KR_Grossman
2000-KR_Eady 2001-KR_Norris
2000-KR_Flynn 2001-KR_Pockell
2000-KR_Friedman 2001-KR_Rowley
2000-KR_Gallup 2002-KR_Adovasio
2000-KR_Garren 2002-KR_Finlay
2000-KR_Guillevic 2002-KR_Jones
2000-KR_Gwyn 2002-KR_Larson
2000-KR_Heaney 2002-KR_Nothdurft
2000-KR_Kinsella 2002-KR_Weinberger
2000-KR_Levine 2003-KR_Anderson
2000-KR_Patten 2003-KR_McGreevy
2000-KR_Pinsky 2003-KR_Polsky
2000-KR_Seidel 2003-KR_Reidel

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